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I completed a 2018 professional educatio





Coloring hair is transforming.  I am passionate about being an integral part of a positive change that lifts people's spirits.

I am a Master Haircolorist (, find a colorist, zip code 94549) and a Chromastic's Master Hair Colorist.  


I was nudged into this craft in 1991.  My stylist at the time, Kelly, suggested, kept suggesting, and even went with me to enroll in beauty school.  (Funny how some people enter life for a specific purpose and then sometimes just evaporate- I love you, Kelly L., wherever you may be!)

I finished beauty school in 1993, served a 9-month apprenticeship at Dallas and Company (Lafayette), and landed at Bobbie Freitas Hair Salon in 1995.
















Great value is achieved through properly prepared hair, expert formulation, and following a sound maintenance program. I love seeing our previous color service still shining through five weeks later at our next appointment.      









Our consultation will be me listening to you tell me about your lifestyle, your daily hair routine, your "Go-To" style, your hair maintenance regimen, and what you want for your hair.  My goal is to work together for healthy hair, a cut that fits your lifestyle, and lasting, beautiful color. 

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